Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 passes through Bluetooth certification

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 or Surface Laptop 3+ with AMD and
Intel chips just passed through the Bluetooth certification in
the United States. According to the sources familiar with the
development, Surface Laptop 4 could be launched in March or
April, and it’ll ship with upgraded internal hardware.

Four models of Surface Laptop 4 – 1952, 1953, 1958 and
1959 – passed
through the Bluetooth certification earlier today. The
certification includes a link to the Surface Laptop 3 product
page, which suggests that Microsoft could simply launch the
long-rumoured Surface Laptop 4 as Surface Laptop 3 (2021) or
Surface Laptop 3+.

According to the Bluetooth SIG listing, the next-gen Surface
Laptop will be powered by Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6.

Surface Laptop 4 Bluetooth SIG

The Surface Laptop 4 was first leaked after its Korean
certifications surfaced online, and later our sources revealed
that the device could be offered with more AMD options.

Surface Laptop 4 (2021) rumoured details

As we reported earlier this month, the
next-gen Surface Laptop 4 could use AMD chips in both
13.5-inch and 15-inch versions of the notebook.

At the moment, the Surface Laptop 3 uses AMD Ryzen chips for
the largest 15-inch version only and 13.5-inch model is offered
with Intel Ice Lake CPUs.

With Surface Laptop 3+ or 4, Microsoft is planning to expand
the AMD options and 13.5-inch model will also come with AMD
CPUs. Of course, you’ll also have the choice of going with
Intel CPUs.

The Surface Laptop 3 currently uses AMD Ryzen mobile processors
and Intel’s 10th-generation Ice Lake processors.
Rumours and benchmarks have indicated that Microsoft is
testing unreleased Surface Laptop with Ryzen 4000, Renoir, and
Intel’s Tiger Lake CPUs with Xe GPU.

Like the Surface Pro 7+, Surface Laptop (2021) could be
unveiled via a blog post and YouTube teaser. It also won’t be
that different from the current Surface Laptop 3, which means
the device could use the same design, display and chassis.

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