Microsoft Surface Duo shown in action in new video

The Microsoft Surface Duo that was spotted riding a train in Vancouver last week has appeared again.

A new video shows the same Surface Duo unit, but this time we get to see it in action rather than in a still photo. The Surface Duo is shown in both portrait and landscape orientations, plus in a folded orientation while gaming on one of the two displays.

The Surface Duo also appears to be running two separate apps on its two screens at one point.

Finally, the exterior of the Surface Duo is shown, and it looks completely bare save for a Microsoft logo on one of the panels.

Performance seems to be fairly solid on this Surface Duo, though there are a few animations and transitions that are less than smooth. That said, this is still an early device and the Surface Duo isn’t slated to launch until the end of 2020, so Microsoft has plenty of time to continue working on the Surface Duo and iron everything out before the dual screen device is released to the public.

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