Microsoft Surface Duo has been spotted in the wild

Microsoft Surface Duo in the wild

Microsoft’s Surface Duo piqued our interest when it was announced back in October. Not only is it a new Android-based phone made by Microsoft, who hasn’t made a smartphone for several years now, but it’s a foldable device with two 5.6-inch touchscreens. Microsoft hasn’t said much about the Surface Duo since it was first revealed, but thankfully we’ve got the rumor mill to give us more info.

A Surface Duo was recently spotted riding the SkyTrain in Vancouver (via Windows Central). Not only does the photo give us a look at the Surface Duo in the wild, but it also shows a feature that wasn’t present in the model shown by Microsoft last year.

We can see in the image that this Surface Duo has what looks to be a flash in the upper right corner of the device, next to the camera. It’s possible that this means that that single front camera will be the Surface Duo’s only camera, because with its 360-degree hinge, you should be able to flip that camera around and use it as a rear camera.

Microsoft hasn’t said much about the Surface Duo, but the model that was shown last year had a Snapdragon 855 processor and ran Android, complete with Play Store access. The phone isn’t currently slated to launch until the holiday 2020 window, though, so it’s possible the Surface Duo’s features will change by then.

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