Microsoft Surface Duo black screen issue flares up after April 2021 update

Surface Duo black screen

After being in development for nearly three years and several
delays, Microsoft’s highly-anticipated dual-screen phone
Surface Duo was released last year. However, rampant
issues with Surface Duo were reported last year, and the
problem seems to have gotten worse after April 2021 Update.

The expensive Surface Duo was recently updated
with April 2021 security fixes and general quality
improvements. For some users, it is also bringing a frustrating
black screen bug.

Since updating to Surface Duo version 2021.314.9x (April 2021
update), which was released in the last week of April, users
are reporting that their units have encountered a weird black
screen problem.

Surface Duo black screen bug is triggered in the book mode

The April update contains a bug that’s causing some Surface Duo
units to produce a black screen in one screen when the device
is in book mode, potentially leading some users to worry that
their display might be broken – but fortunately, the problem is
the result of the new update.

On Microsoft’s forums
and Reddit,
other users have also been seeing problems constantly, while it
comes and goes on for others. The problem can happen to those
running the April 2021 update of Surface Duo and it does appear
to be widespread.

In another forum
thread, a Microsoft employee suggested users install the
latest version of Microsoft Launcher. Unfortunately, this
workaround is not working for everyone, as per user reports.

“Updated the launcher and that hasn’t resolved it. I cleared
the app cache, the phone has been rebooted, etc. and still the
issue persists. It is happening less frequently but is still
happening. It happens with or without any apps open/displayed
on a screen as well. This release doesn’t seem like any QA
testing was done,” a user wrote in the Microsoft forums.

In addition to the black screen bug, April 2021 Update is also
causing issues with performance, responsiveness and camera for
some people.

It’s important to remember that the Surface Duo performance has
always been a little too choppy and the overall experience
improved significantly after the recent firmware updates,
excluding the April update.

It’s likely that Microsoft is already aware of the reports and
the fix will be coming later this month.

If you have found a solution to address the black screen
problem on your Surface Duo, be sure to let us know what you
did down in the comments section below.

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