Microsoft Surface Book 3 users report problems with headphone jack

Surface Book 3

After the screen cracking problem with Surface Laptop
3, reports are coming out that some Surface Book 3 owners
are having problems with the headphone jack on their devices.

There are quite a lot of reports around the web on this issue.
In a thread
posted on Microsoft’s answer forum, users report that they
are hearing buzzing sound in wired headphones plugged into the
3.5mm jack of the Surface Book 3.

It appears that Surface Book 3 owners are experiencing a
buzzing or rattling noise from the headphone jack of the
premium flagship device, regardless of the volume content is
played at.

According to reports, the buzzing or rattling sound could be
heard when users play music and buzzing sound would stop after
one minute of playback. It starts again when users pause or
resume the track.

“I have bought four Surface Book 3 (13.5-inch), Core i7, 16GB,
256 SSD model. Except for the first one which has a slight
screen problem, all the other three have the headphone jack
buzzing problem. I’m sure that it’s a hardware
manufacturing-related problem. It’s really disappointing when
comparing the price with its quality,” one frustrated user

A Microsoft community moderator has responded to one user on
its own forum but the company has not yet released any
explanation or workaround to fix the issue.

“As reported earlier, I had the very same issue. After getting
in contact with their support, Microsoft replaced my Surface
Book 3 with a new one. Unfortunately, the new device was again
affected by the buzzing,” another user noted.

Some users have also reported
crackling sound from their Surface Book 3’s speakers when Dolby
Atmos is enabled.

It’s worth noting that the extent of this problem seems to vary
case-by-case, but there are many users complaining that that
distinct buzzing sound can be heard when audio is playing.

At the time of writing, the exact cause of the problem is
unclear and whether it could be fixed with a firmware update.

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