Microsoft Store on Windows 11 gets UI and performance improvements

Microsoft Store update

A new update is now available for Microsoft Store on Windows 11
and it comes with improvements for the overall user experience.
The focus of Microsoft Store’s latest update is on the user
interface, library, performance, and overall experience when
navigating between different pages.

Microsoft Store version 22107.1401.6.0 is rolling out to
testers in the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider program.
We’ve already received the update, but we’re not really
noticing any big changes.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11’s latest store update
improves the install user interface, enables a new interface
for ratings and reviews, and introduces better media PDPs. Some
users have also noticed minor improvements to the library and
Microsoft has promised more changes will be published later
this year.

Windows 11 Store reviews

As you can see in the above screenshot, Microsoft has
redesigned the ratings and reviews dialog.

This new dialog was designed by Microsoft’s intern Vatsal and
the existing Store dialog migrated to native from WebView using
C# & XAML. Of course, the ratings and reviews dialog is in line
with Microsoft’s WinUI guidelines.

In addition to UI and performance improvements,
Microsoft Store is also getting new animations in the
latest update.

Win32 apps in the Microsoft Store

Unlike Windows 10’s Store, Windows 11’s app store will support
apps built on several different platforms and it won’t be
limited to just UWP. Unpackaged Win32 desktop apps can now be
downloaded straight from the Microsoft Store, and these
programs will be updated externally.

Microsoft officials have clarified that there’ll be two types
of Win32 apps in the Store – packaged apps and unpackaged
apps. Packaged Win32 apps (previously called Store apps) like
Spotify and Affinity editor will continue to receive updates
directly from the Store.

On the other hand, unpackaged Win32 apps, which are coming to
Store with Windows 11,  will be hosted and updated by

“This is technical, what’s important is that users will receive
the latest updates regardless of who manages them,” Microsoft

With packaged Win32 apps that you install, if the developers
release an update, you’ll get it directly via the Microsoft
Store. You can also configure the store to auto-update all the
apps on your PC.

The upcoming unpackaged Win32 apps won’t do this. If you want
to update these new Win32 apps, you’ll need to rely on the
in-app updates mechanism maintained separately by the
developer. Or you can also download updates from the
developer’s website.

For now, these changes are exclusive to Windows 11 preview
builds, but Microsoft has already confirmed that this new Store
experience will also arrive on Windows 10.

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