Microsoft Store for Windows 10 is getting Fluent Design changes on Insider Ring

s Store for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft today released a new update for its Store app for
Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The latest update bumps the Store app
to new version 11804.1001.7.0. The update is currently being
rolled out to Insiders enrolled in the Release Preview Ring on
PC and Mobile.

The latest Store update brings back the new Fluent Design
elements to the Hamburger menu of the Store application. The
Fluent Design elements were added to the Store app when the
company first launched it for Windows 10. This addition
affected the performance of the Store which forced Microsoft to
remove the Fluent Design elements after negative feedback from
the users.

The company again added the Fluent Design elements after making
some refinements to some part of the Store application but had
to remove it again due to the buggy performance of the

Today Microsoft has added back the Fluent Design elements and
this time the changes are only noticeable on the hamburger

Another new change the Store team has made is to the ratings
review. Users will now be able to send reviews for the same
application individually differentiating it based on the device
it is installed. For Example, you will be able to provide a
review for the app only for PC even though the app is also
installed on Mobile.

Microsoft has again started pushing out Fluent Design elements
to most of its core applications, the company yesterday updated
the To Do app with similar changes.

Along with the addition of Fluent Design elements and
improvements to the ratings review option, Microsoft has also
made it a point to fix some under the hood bugs and improve the
overall performance of the Store application both for Windows
10 users on PC and Mobile.

As reported above, the latest update for Microsoft Store is
currently rolling out and is available for all Windows 10
devices enrolled into the Windows Insider program.

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