Microsoft Store app for Windows 10 updated with new features


Microsoft today pushed out a new update for its Microsoft Store
app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The app has been
updated with new features along with the usual bug fixes and
performance improvements on both Windows 10 PCs and Mobile.

The latest update pushes the app to new version 11806.1001.5.0
and comes with minor new features. The latest version of the
Store app is currently rolling out to Windows 10 users who are
enrolled in the Release Preview ring.

After the update, users will now be able to find a new side
panel “My Collection” which shows all the applications which
are divided into four different sections “All Owned”,
“Installed Applications”, “Ready for Installation” and
“Download progress”.

The four sections shows the different stages of the application
like All Owned section shows all the applications which have
been purchased by the users. Installed Applications shows the
apps installed on your phone. Third section shows the
applications which are read for installation and the last
section shows the apps which are currently downloading on your
PC or Mobile.

Microsoft has made some improvements to the Home screen by
providing more space between the content along with a new side
icon which shows you the details of the content and
modifications made to the Show all icon.

Other improvement made by the Store team is the Windows 10
users will now be able to launch the applications directly from
the “My collections” section. The team has also pushed out some
fixes for the crashes reported by Windows 10 Mobile users and
some tweaks to the hamburger menu have also been made in the
latest Store app update.

As reported above the Store app update is being rolled out
currently and is available for download for Insiders enrolled
in Release Preview Ring on both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Do
let us  know if you find anything new which has not been
reported above in the comments below.

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