Microsoft starts testing new Office UI for Windows 11 and Windows 10

Windows 11 Office app redesign

Microsoft recently announced a new Office visual update for
both Windows 11 and Windows 10, and the redesign is now rolling
out to testers in the Office Insider program. If you want to
try the new update, you need to join the Office Insider
program’s beta channel. Microsoft planning to bring it to the
mainstream audience (non-beta testers) later this year.

Office visual update is ready for Windows 11, but it also
works on Windows 10. This new redesign promises a simple,
natural and consistent experience across your Windows apps. The
new Office app comes with support for rounded corners and
Fluent Design across all your apps.

On Windows 11 or Windows 10, Microsoft is updating all Office
Word, Excel, Outlook desktop, PowerPoint, and other apps with
the same intuitive and familiar user interface that matches the
look and feel of the new operating system.

Microsoft Word design

While these Office apps will look identical on both operating
systems, rounded corner support for the app’s window is
exclusive to Windows 11 only.

To get the most out of the redesign, you can tree these tips:

  • In PowerPoint, try launching your pitch deck and you’ll
    notice the new interface elements with customizable ribbon,
    soft or rounded corners, across these three apps. These changes
    are also visible in Excel and Word.
  • For the Outlook Win32 app, you can enter the presentation
    sharing mode to experience the cohesive interface.
  • In Word, you can notice the rounded corners, refreshed
    icons, and new indicators in the top right corner of the menu
    bar. This feature works only when you’re working with teammates
    on the same Microsoft doc.
  • Quick Access toolbar won’t show up by default to improve
    the overall interface. If you want to restore the feature,
    right-click the ribbon and select Show Quick Access Toolbar
    under Ribbon Display Options.

For Microsoft Office apps, there’s a new dark mode experience
and it matches the look and feel of Windows native dark mode.

How to get the new Office update

In an update to the support document, Microsoft said the
new Office visual update is rolling out to Office insiders
running beta builds.

To join the beta program, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve Microsoft 365 subscription.
  2. In any Office app, click File > Account > Office
  3. Select Join Office Insider.
  4. Select “Sign me up for early access to new releases
    of Office
  5. Select the Beta channel.
    Office beta channel
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click OK.

The redesign will be enabled automatically in the coming days,
but users can always opt-out by manually disabling the Coming
Soon feature, located in the top right corner.

It’s important to understand this Office overhaul is still in
development and Microsoft is aware of several known issues. At
the moment, it’s not yet clear as to when the new visual update
for Microsoft Office would become ready for everyone, but for
now, it’s expected to launch in the fall.

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