Microsoft shows off the modern Skype’s upcoming split view feature on Windows

Skype split view

The Redmond-based Microsoft has recently announced that it has
changed its plan concerning the discontinuation of classic
Skype in September. The support for classic Skype will continue
for some time and it will be discontinued when the modern
version of Skype is feature-rich.

“We are working to bring all the features you’ve asked for into
Skype 8,” the Microsoft Agent said. Decision to retire the old
Skype app and replace it with new modern version was met with
some pretty harsh criticism.

Microsoft remains committed to Skype and the company is working
on a new update for the messaging client that will add back the
split view feature. Thanks to the feedback, Microsoft appears
to have picked up a design for the split view and the company
is internally testing it.

“Hey split view fans: Look what’s running on my desktop!
Dogfooding and QA time (thanks for survey feedback!). And no,
I’m not commenting on the schedule yet,” Microsoft’s Peter
Skillman said in a tweet.

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