Microsoft shows off recent Fluent Design UI improvements

Fluent Design UI

Microsoft is slowly implementing a new design language for
Windows 10: the Fluent Design System. Fluent Design is being
adopted across all variants of Windows 10, Xbox, IoT and even
on the web.

Microsoft’s Fluent Design is not just about the icons. It is
intended to update the user interface across Windows 10 and
other platforms to bring in effects that mimic the real world.

Microsoft’s design language takes an artificial approach to
design with translucency and transitions.

Fluent Design is based on five components: Light, Depth,
Motion, Material, and Scale. In 2020, Microsoft is creating
cross-platform components, which should make it easier for
JavaScript developers to deliver Fluent Design experiences
across devices more easily.

Microsoft’s new cross-platform
library will also make it easier for developers across the
web, iOS, macOS and Android to ensure their apps are using
Fluent UI.

The company has also teased a custom Fluent UI navigation bar,
which according to Microsoft’s design team, should naturally
fitting into iOS and Android platforms.

The apps based on Microsoft’s new theming architecture will
have access to the scalable design system, which should make it
easier for developers to update design values across all

Fluent Design update

Microsoft’s Fluent Design is being actively developed with
changes coming every six months but many design elements are
nowhere in sight. It’s not what users expect, but it is a
process that’s more developer-oriented and it allows app
creators to add new user interface element as required.

Microsoft is also working on new Fluent Design-based icon set
for Windows 10, which is
expected to begin rolling out with May 2020 Update. As
Fluent Design continues to evolve, we’ll see more elements in
Windows 10 and UWP apps and even third-party applications.

Microsoft is expected to discuss Fluent Design system, Win32
apps and UWP apps at its Build 2020 developer conference on May
19 and May 20.

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