Microsoft shows off MS Paint with new design and dark mode on Windows 11

Snipping Tool, Windows Calculator, and Mail & Calendar app,
everyone’s favourite and popular MS Paint is also seeing a
redesign in Windows 11. The classic Paint tool is being
refreshed with WinUI, Fluent Design, and modern controls to
make it look similar to the new apps for Windows 11.

Back in 2017, Microsoft’s announcement suggested that Paint
would be retired in future to give way to the fancy new Paint
3D app. The company later clarified that 36-year-old MS Paint
will remain part of Windows 10 and it was last updated in 2019
with new accessibility features.

Paint has been constant in every big Windows release, but it
seems to be getting a big upgrade with Windows 11 version
21H2. Thanks to the teaser and mockup posted on Unsplash
and social media platforms, we now have a better look at the
new Paint app for Windows 11.

MS Paint light

Like Windows File Explorer, the Microsoft Paint app will be
getting a new header menu called “command bar” that will
replace the traditional ribbon-style menu. As you can see in
the images above and below, Paint would feel much more modern
and optimized for touch-based devices.

MS Paint header

Paint app has been updated with new icons, rounded corners,
support for Windows 11’s new dark theme and redesigned context
menu. You’ll be able to change MS Paint’s theme directly from
Windows 11’s Settings app. Of course, Paint will automatically
respect the system-wide theme.

MS Paint font

Microsoft is optimizing the controls for both tablet and
desktop users. For example, you can click on the “A” to insert
text directly onto your picture and change the alignment or
font style from the new dropdown menu.

The MS Paint has never been a very comprehensive editing tool
and it will not get advanced editing features in this release.
Thankfully, MS Paint is not losing features and it’s ideal if
you want to make minor adjustments to an image.

MS Paint brush

You can still resize and crop an image. You can also use
“Select” tools (star, rectangle, etc), Eraser, Fill Tool,
Pick Color, Pencil and Brush, Airbrush and more. Microsoft also
seems to be testing a new way to choose brush types, and it has
been optimized for touch-based users.

The brand-new MS Paint client will begin rolling out to Windows
Insiders in the coming weeks. In addition to MS Paint,
Windows 11’s Clock app is getting a new design along with

Spotify integration and more.

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