Microsoft says Windows 10 will receive fewer updates next month

Windows 10 updates paused

Microsoft says it will suspend the rollout of Windows 10
optional preview updates in December 2020 due to “minimal
operations” at its Redmond headquarters. Microsoft has been
pushing multiple updates every month, but it’s time for a brief
pause in proceedings.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will prioritize security
updates during December 2020 when the engineers will be away
from work due to the holiday season.

While optional preview updates, which are released in the third
and fourth week of every month will be paused, security updates
will continue as normal. These optional updates are also known
as ‘C’ and ‘D’ releases.

Microsoft has decided to stop the optional updates but only for
a while till the holiday season is over. The announcement for
the same was quietly made in an update to the support document,
where the giant noted that no new optional builds will be
released for one month.

“Because of minimal operations during the holidays and the
upcoming Western new year, there won’t be any preview releases
for the month of December 2020. Monthly servicing will resume
with the January 2021 security releases,” Microsoft said.

Windows 10 updates have recently drawn lots of
criticism for bugs and crashes. Over the past few months,
users have reported temporary profile bug, Blue Screen of Death
errors, update installation issues, and other problems.

Some of those issues were flagged by Insiders and fixed by the
tech giant, but some flaws managed to make their way into
Windows 10 production builds.

By pausing other updates, Microsoft will have enough workforce
to ensure security update stability and timely updates. During
the holiday season, it’s even more important that Windows
Updates go smoothly.

Microsoft confirmed that the rollout of optional updates will
resume in January when the engineers are back to work.

Windows Insider program

It’s likely that the Windows Insider team will be taking some
time out to enjoy the holiday season as well. That means you
shouldn’t be expecting any new preview builds in December.

Recent Windows 10 technical preview updates have also focused
on bug fixes and improvements before the next major feature
update enters the testing channels. It’s unlikely that any
exciting features will be added to the Insider builds until the
second week of January 2021, at the earliest.

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