Microsoft says Windows 10 KB4093112 could cause various pen issues

Windows 10 KB4093112
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Microsoft recently rolled out
Windows 10 KB4093112 to the general public. Windows 10
KB4093112 is available for systems running the Fall Creators
Update but it appears to be causing more harm than good. Last
week, we reported that a number of users complained of
failed installs and bugs after updating to the latest Windows
10 KB4093112 update.

Today, we have come across a new report claiming that the
latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version is causing pen
issues such as incorrect input and pressure sensitivity,
especially with Wacom pens.

Microsoft has finally acknowledged that the company is aware of
the reported bugs and a fix is coming with the next release.
Microsoft says that the bug is degrading the performance of Pen
on systems running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. On
Microsoft’s community forum, a number of users complained
of problems experienced with Wacom pens after
installing this cumulative update.

Windows 10 KB4093112 breaking down Wacom pens

Microsoft says the update causes “unexpected panning or
scrolling in certain apps while using the pen.” The company has
updated the official KB page with more details and a
workaround. It is, however, worth noting that Microsoft is not
aware of any bug which is hitting only Wacom pens.

Microsoft has already started working on next update
projected to become available in a couple of weeks, and
the patch will address the reported bug. Microsoft has posted a
workaround that will temporarily address the bug until a fix

How to fix pen issues in Windows 10 KB4093112

  • Open Command Prompt (cmd) with administrator privileges.
  • At the command prompt, type or copy/paste:
    reg add
    /v LegacyPenInteractionModel /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
  • Press Enter
  • And that’s it.

Microsoft says there’s one more known issue in this update,
although it won’t not be a big deal for most of the users.
According to the changelog, Windows Update could incorrectly
report that the patch has failed to install. To confirm whether
the update is correctly installed or not, do the following:

  • Press Win key + R and then type winver.
  • If Windows 10 Build is 16299.371, the update installed

Microsoft has fixed many bugs with the KB4093112 in
Windows 10 operating system, including some issues with
Internet Explorer. Not only IE, Microsoft Edge is also
receiving a lot of improvements and important security fixes.
The security patches bundled in this version of Windows 10 are
aimed at Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Scripting engine,
Windows graphics module and some other Windows components.

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