Microsoft says Surface Duo phone has been in development for years

Surface Duo

Surface Phone ‘Surface Duo’ is actually the same Andromeda
hardware that the firm originally planned to ship with Windows
Core OS mobile shell.

Windows Core OS for Surface Duo was later shelved due to the
app gap problem but Andromeda project was still being worked
on. Microsoft quietly swapped out Windows Core in favour of a
highly skinned Android layer.

During the past few months, Microsoft has been working with
Google to build a new experience for dual-screen Surface Duo
and similar hardware from other Android partners.

While Microsoft insists this isn’t necessarily a smartphone,
Surface Duo is expected to be a disrupter in the smartphone
market, and it could be a great device if Microsoft finds a
solution to bezel and camera challenges.

At a recent event at a Microsoft Store, Surface product lead
Panos Panay confirmed that the Surface
Duo and Surface Neo have been in development for years. He also
admitted that approach to announce the device a year ahead of
its launch was a very difficult decision.

Microsoft Surface Duo

“That was emotional. Sharing what we were working on early…was
challenging. Having those conversations,” he said.

Surface Duo is the result of a long development and it’s not a
device that happened overnight, Panay explained

“We think we have something here that’s the start of new
category…they have been in development for years and [we want
to] get them in developers’ hands,” he added.

Surface Duo won’t hit the shelves anytime soon and the device
is still being worked on. For example, Microsoft
has been considering a powerful camera solution for the
dual-screen hardware and a prototype is already in the works,
but plans are subject to change and we might see innovative
camera tech.

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