Microsoft rolls out another update for new Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft is rolling out a new version of its Chromium-powered
Microsoft Edge browser for the users in the Dev channel. Many
of the improvements included in Microsoft Edge Dev are also
available for Microsoft Edge Canary.

The new Microsoft Edge Dev version is and Edge
Canary is on According to the official
changelog, Microsoft Edge now comes with a new ‘Copy download
link’ option on the context menu for the downloaded item.

After the update, you’ll notice that the context menu for an
aborted download no longer shows a list of disabled
items. if you right-click on the cancelled download, you
will now see only one option to copy download link. Previously,
the browser displayed greyed out options such as Open, Always
open files of this type and Show in folder.

Edge new option

Edge’s built-in PDF reader has been updated with a new option
that lets you save a local copy of the document. Microsoft is
also adding an icon next to the “Add to dictionary”
context menu option.

For quick links on the new tab page, Edge will now display an
icon of the first letter of the website if there is no site
icon available.

Microsoft is increasing the size of some text on the user
profile flyout to improve readability.

The tab close button would appear at the centre position when
the tab is at minimum width.

In the Apps submenu, you’ll find an updated option “Install
this site as an app” instead of showing a really long menu
item name.

“When using the keyboard to move through tabs, you can now
press enter and not just space to switch tab,” the changelog

Microsoft Edge Canary respects dark mode settings

Microsoft Edge Canary now respects Windows 10’s dark mode
settings and no longer requires manual activation from the
flags screen.

The new version also comes with various bug fixes and you can
get all these changes by checking for updates in Edge.

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