Microsoft roadmap reveals new features coming to Chromium Edge

Microsoft Edge new features

Part of Microsoft Edge’s popularity lies in its minimal
interface, improved performance and privacy settings. At the
same time, Microsoft is testing new features that can improve
your web experience without ruining the browser’s stripped-down

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is set for a big update in 2021
and Microsoft has revealed the upcoming features in an update
to its roadmap.

All of these features can be found in Microsoft Edge Canary —
bear in mind that you may need to enable experimental flags if
you’re unable to access your favourite feature. For the general
public, these improvements will begin rolling out in January
and March.

Tab warning

Microsoft Edge is getting a new feature that will display a
warning message when you close multiple tabs.

Microsoft Edge tab warning

When enabled, users will see a pop-up message with two options
– cancel and close all the tabs. If you don’t like this
feature, you can select “Don’t ask me again”.

Vertical tabs feature

In Microsoft Edge 88, you can switch back and forth between the
vertical and horizontal tab with a new button on the left side.
When vertical tab UI is activated, your browsing tabs will
appear on the left side vertically.

You can also rearrange tabs and use Chromium features like Tab
Groups or Tab Search.

Tab preview

In January, Microsoft is planning to deliver support for the
highly-anticipated tab preview feature.

Edge tab preview

As the name suggests, tab preview will allow you to hover over
a tab to see the preview of the website appear under your
mouse. Tab preview is especially useful when you have a lot of
tabs open at once.

Default PDF viewer

Microsoft Edge can now detect the default PDF viewer and direct
users to the app on Windows 10.

Dictionary in PDF

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s working on a new feature that
will allow you to see an instant pop-up definition for selected
words in a PDF document.

Alternatively, you can also use Edge’s new sidebar search,
which basically allows you to access Bing without interrupting
your browsing.

Flash Player

After December 31, 2020,
Adobe will end support for Flash Player on Windows and
Flash plugins will no longer play flash content in Microsoft
Edge, Google Chrome and other browsers.

Browser cookies

In Edge 88, you can delete third-party cookies without
affecting first-party cookies. You can also use filters to
quickly find first or third-party cookies, and sort the list by
name, number of cookies, and the amount of data.

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