Microsoft reveals what’s next for Skype on Windows after criticism

Skype split view

AndroidTechNews.Com – Last month, Microsoft announced that it’s now rolling out a new
version of Skype for Windows desktop. The company also
confirmed that the classic Windows app will be retired soon but
in the meantime, the software maker is working on a new and
improved replacement.

Based on the customer feedback, Microsoft has decided to
support Skype classic app beyond September 1. In a forum post,
Microsoft revealed that they are planning to make major changes
to Skype version 8.0 that would eventually convince people to
give the new app a try.

Microsoft remains committed to the following features:

  • Split window view for Skype on Windows 10, so you can see
    multiple chat windows at the same time
  • Changing the font size in a chat
  • Search for a message within a chat
  • Status improvements – how others see your online status
  • Privacy settings (call contact configurations) – more
    controls regarding who can call you
  • Making it easier to add a phone number as a contact

“While the majority of our focus is on fundamentals and missing
features, we’ve started rolling out a few highly requested
features. One example is call
recording functionality, which has been a very common
ask from work groups, as well as teachers conducting Skype in
Classroom sessions,” Microsoft writes in a forum post.

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