Microsoft reveals new features for Windows 10’s Calculator

Windows Calculator

Microsoft is one of the biggest players in the open-source
community and the company recently open-sourced Windows 10’s
Calculator app on Github. This approach has allowed developers
to contribute to Calculator’s development or use the codes of
it for their own projects.

Today, Microsoft announced that Windows 10’s
Calculator will be getting a very useful feature that would
allow users to see the app all times. Windows Calculator is
getting ‘Always On Top’ feature that will make the app window
appear on top of other windows, letting you see it all times.

Calculator’s Always On Top will have the following

  • Pin and unpin the Calculator on top of other windows.
  • Ability to use any other apps or tasks while Calculator is
    pinned to the top of the window.
  • You will have access to all Calculator features.

“One of our top requested Windows Calculator features is the
ability to keep Calculator on top of other windows as you
work—you’ll soon be able to do just that! Also, tiny
calculator,” Microsoft noted in its announcement.

Tiny Windows Calculator
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft is also adding a compact view mode to Calculator that
shunt it to a small window (smaller than currently allowed
minimum window sizing) without compromising the basic controls.

The new features will be shipped to Calculator via Microsoft
Store soon.

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