Microsoft reveals how Cloud Download reinstalls Windows 10

Reset this PC

Windows 10’s 20H1 update (version 2004) will have a Cloud
Download feature that has the potential to recover your desktop
or laptop from a corrupted installation of the OS.

If you’ve ever had to reinstall or reset Windows 10 due to
performance and technical issues, you know that the process
required extra time and an uncorrupted Windows installation. If
the OS installation files are corrupted, you cannot reset
Windows 10 and you have to use an ISO image for a fresh

Currently, Windows 10’s reinstallation uses Windows image that
shipped with your laptop and it could be months old. Microsoft
says the standard recovery feature may require you to install
the cumulative and other updates again after performing a
system reset.

According to Microsoft, these problems will be addressed
when Windows
10 version 20H1 releases in spring 2020.

How Windows 10’s Reset process works

Windows 10 currently includes a “Reset your PC” option that is
a faster and more convenient way to reinstall Windows 10.

Windows 10 assembles all the system files it needs for
reinstall when you reset the PC and it doesn’t require a
recovery partition from the PC’s manufacturer.

With Windows 10 Cloud Download, Microsoft is addressing all the
drawbacks of the traditional reset method. Rather than using
the existing system files, Cloud Download feature instructs
Windows to download the installation files from Microsoft’s

Windows 10 Cloud Download

As a result, you’ll get back to Windows 10 faster and reset
process will not fail even when the previous installation is
corrupted. During the process, Microsoft installs the most
recent version of Windows 10 with the latest cumulative update

According to Microsoft, Windows downloads the files before
booting into the Windows Recovery Environment. During the
installation, Windows will gather the drivers from your current
Windows 10 installation, so everything will be up and running
after the process completes.

Reset this PC page

It’s also worth noting that Windows Cloud Recovery will apply
OEM customizations and it will not remove bloatware on your PC.
Microsoft has stated that users need at least 2.82GB of
internet data (WiFi or cellular) to reinstall the OS via the

Recovery Environment

Windows Recovery menu

If your Windows PC isn’t booting properly, you can also use
Cloud Download from the Windows Recovery Environment, also
known as the boot options menu.

To use Cloud Download, you’ll have to head to Settings >
Update & Security > Recovery and select “Get Started” option
under Reset This PC section. After going through the
traditional options such as ‘keep your files’ option, you can
choose Cloud Download and Microsoft will reinstall Windows 10
for you.

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