Microsoft remains committed to Xbox, next gen consoles coming soon

Xbox One X
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Microsoft is working on another Xbox console, and the company
is fully committed to video game consoles. During
yesterday’s Microsoft E3 2018 press conference, Phil Spencer
discussed the future of gaming at Microsoft, and the next
generation Xbox One console.

While Phil Spencer currently can’t say more about the next
Xbox console, but he confirmed that Microsoft remains committed
to the gaming business, and we should expect the next
console to have backward compatibility.

“Why other people might not want to say, hey, there could
actually be another console, when we all know there likely is,
is because it’s a, hey, I need to keep people buying the
console that’s there,” he said.

Microsoft buys four game studios

Microsoft recently announced that it’s buying four different
game studios, to expand the range of exclusive titles for Xbox
One. The new team will be “creating groundbreaking new worlds,
characters and game experiences.”

Microsoft said that it’s also taking over Playground Games, and
it’ll work on a new project. Playground Games
Limited is a British video game
developer located in the United Kingdom, and the maker of
the Forza franchise. Microsoft is also acquiring Ninja
Theory, Undead Labs and Compulsion Games.

The big bet on the gaming industry

The analysts recently said
Microsoft is going to be the Netflix of Gaming, and the
company’s investment in the gaming industry is also projected
to help the
software giant in the road to $1 trillion market cap.

“We see Microsoft building out the ‘Netflix of Gaming,’” Morgan
Stanley analyst Keith Weiss was quoted as saying in a
note to investors. “We think that gaming has historically been
largely ignored, misunderstood, and undervalued by analysts and

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