Microsoft rebrands Office Offline to simply ‘Office’

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Microsoft is rebranding its web-based Office product from “Office Online” to simply “Office.” It is also ditching the word “Online” from its “Word Online,” “Excel Online,” and other related apps.

“Office uses sub-brands to denote our offerings such as Office 365 and Office 2019. Because our offerings have evolved to provide access to apps on more than one platform, it no longer makes sense to use any platform-specific sub-brands,” Microsoft explained in a blog post.

The company said it may still reference the web version of Office as “Office for the web,” or “Office in a browser,” when referring to the specific product to differentiate from Office on other platforms — “Office for Mac,” “Office for Android,” etc.

The change only affects Office apps — other “Online” server products such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online remain unchanged.

“We have already made these changes across most of our in-product experiences, communications, and marketing and technical content and expect to complete the remaining updates relatively soon,” Microsoft said.

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