Microsoft quietly deletes Surface Neo promotional video

Microsoft quietly deletes Surface Neo promotional video

Microsoft quietly deletes Surface Neo promotional video – We’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo in
recent months but let’s not forget that it’s not the only
dual-screen device announced by the company. Last year,
Microsoft also unveiled the Surface Neo, a dual-screen device
that runs Windows 10X (WCOS), which is a modular and redesigned
version of Windows.

Both the Surface Duo and Surface Neo were originally set to
arrive in December 2020, and while the Surface Duo has already
launched, Surface Neo has fallen behind the schedule.

Microsoft hasn’t issued an official confirmation on the new
release date of the Surface Neo, but the company has now
quietly removed
the promotional video of the device from YouTube.

Last month, Microsoft also removed the “Coming Holiday 2020”
release timeline from the company’s website. These changes and
rumours indicate that Surface Neo might not arrive until 2022.

As we reported recently,
Windows 10X for dual-screen hardware has been pushed back to

The Neo was supposed to be the first Windows 10X hardware, but
now we might not see the dual-screen hardware for another year.
Windows 10X will see a limited launch in 2021 on single-screen
devices to focus on education and business customers, and the
dual-screen optimized version is expected to be ready in spring

Surface Neo features two 9-inch displays separated only by a
360-degree hinge, similar to the Surface Duo.

Unlike Surface Duo, the Surface Neo offers the real Windows
experience and you can use it as a tablet, a laptop (with an
external keyboard and Wonder Bar), or as a drawing canvas in
tent mode.

that’s Microsoft quietly deletes Surface Neo promotional video

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