Microsoft pulls Windows 10 update that had been slowing down PCs

Windows 10 performance update

Earlier this year, Microsoft started rolling out forced Windows
Update titled “KB4559309” and it alleged killed system
performance for many users. This update was reportedly pushed
out to a wide range of devices to replace the old Edge browser
with the new Chromium-based one.

The problem is not with the Chromium Edge, which is a fantastic
Chrome alternative, but something in the
Windows 10 KB4559309 update process was reportedly
hampering the performance of some devices, specifically the
startup time.

Another problem with KB4559309 is that the update is pushed out
automatically, so you cannot opt-out unless you use advanced
tools designed for business customers. If you’ve been forced to
install the patch, there’s also no way to uninstall it because
the option is greyed out.

“Windows taking a long time to boot up after installing the
KB4559309 update, and sign-in is also getting very slow after
that,” one user noted in
Feedback Hub and Microsoft said it has received the feedback.
In a community thread,
Microsoft also confirmed that they’re investigating the

Fortunately, after several users flagged the problem, Microsoft
says it has replaced the update with another update “KB4576754”
and it appears to install without any problems for users.

“This update replaces previously released updates KB4541301,
KB4541302 and KB4559309,” the company noted in
support documentation.

Windows 10 KB4576754 was issued on August 31 to replace the
botched KB4559309 and we haven’t seen anyone reporting
performance issues after applying the patch.

Chances are you won’t face any performance issues or system
slowdown after this patched update installs onto your machine.

KB4576754, which is also installed automatically, enables the
new Chromium Edge on Windows 10 and the new browser is a huge
improvement over the previous one.

If you’re still worried about the potential performance issues
in the latest update, you should manually
download and install the Chromium-based Edge browser. When
the Chromium-based Edge is installed, Windows Update will
automatically block the update from installing onto your

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