Microsoft promises Windows 11 revamp for more apps

Windows 11 refresh

Windows 11 is coming later this year with significant design
improvements. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 has been
designed to look a bit less noisy than its predecessor, thanks
to the implementation of subtle rounded corners, Mica themes,
and more consistent Fluent Design elements.

Windows 11 is now available for testers in the Dev and Beta
Channel of the Windows Insider program, but some features and
improvements are currently missing. For example, Android apps
support is currently not available and most of the inbox apps
also don’t have the Windows 11 elements.

In a Q&A session for developers, Microsoft recently
explained its vision for Fluent Design and confirmed the new
“design material” called
Mica will not affect the performance of apps or the
operating system. In the same Q&A, Microsoft promised
that more Windows apps will be updated with Windows 11

For those unaware, Windows 11 introduces a new Mica effect that
replaces the Fluent Design’s acrylic effect for the app’s
window to create a “colour hierarchy” to help users focus on
the primary window when they have multiple open instances of
the app.

According to a new statement from Microsoft, this new design
and other improvements will be adopted by more inbox apps soon.

“We’re coordinating across the company as we introduced a new
Windows 11 Fluent look and feel. We want each app to kind of
adopt it but they’re going to do that on their own schedule and
their own cadence,” noted Kevin Gallo, Head of Developer
Platform at Microsoft.

Microsoft officials also clarified that they cannot make
everything available on day one because “these are all
different teams and they work on their own schedules and they
have their own goals.”

Fluent Design and Mica materials are ready for all apps,
including Calculator and advance apps like Office.

“We design fluent really in a way that works for many types of
UIs including specifically dense UI. For example, Office has a
fairly complex UI [and it] is embracing Fluent so it works for
all kinds of interactions – touch, keyboard, mouse and pen.”

Microsoft also suggested that Teams will be getting Windows
11-inspired look soon, but we don’t know when it will begin
rolling out.

Calculator update

So far, Microsoft has updated apps like Windows Settings,

Calculator, Mail & Calendar, and Snipping Tool with new
design elements. We’re also expecting similar improvements for
Groove Music, MS Paint, Photos, Clock and more.

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