Microsoft promises big improvements for Edge browser on Android

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge for Android was first made available back in
2017 and it has continued to get updates and new features

Unfortunately, the Android version of Edge is still based on
Chromium 77 when other browsers like Chrome are using Chromium
87, which offers better performance and features compatibility.
As a result, Chrome and other mobile browsers are slightly
better than Edge for Android.

According to a new statement, Microsoft is fully committed to
Edge for Android and there’s a valid reason for the slow
development of the mobile version.

Microsoft is currently trying to bring the Android version of
Edge to the same code base as the desktop version. Once the
migration is complete, Microsoft Edge for Android will start
receiving updates more frequently and it’ll be upgraded to
Chromium 87 or newer with support for
new Fluent Design elements.

A timeframe is not available at the moment, but Microsoft
says it will share more information next year.

Extension support

Microsoft also confirmed that it has paused the development of
extension support on mobile for the time being, but the company
hasn’t given up on the idea yet.

“We will continue to monitor user appetite on this vs. other
competing priorities and revisit prioritization if warranted,”
Microsoft said.

History sync

While the migration to new Chromium version is expected to
complete next year, Microsoft has already started bringing
history syncing to its Edge browser on mobile devices, at least
for those using Android phone.

Edge for Android

This will allow uses to sync their browsing history across all
devices running both new and old Microsoft Edge. According to
user reports, the feature is available in version
or newer.

In addition to the Android version, Microsoft Edge for Linux is
also get expected to get better next year.

In general, Microsoft says it’s unable to commit to a specific
timeframe for features parity with Windows and macOS, but
‘sign-in and sync’ with Microsoft account is the company’s
highest priority on Linux right now.

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