Microsoft promises a renewed focus in Windows 10

Windows 10 desktop teaser

Microsoft has been working on a refreshed Windows 10 Start Menu
for a while now, and you can finally try it out later this
year. But that’s not all the company is changing in Windows 10.

In addition to these nifty improvements, Microsoft is also
promising a renewed focus in Windows 10.

If you’re a resolute Windows watcher, you may have noticed that
Windows is no longer the most important layer for Microsoft as
the company has shifted focus to other products, such as Azure
and Office.

Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has become far friendlier
to open source platforms and Nadella has made a lot of changes
to its business model.

Windows has stopped getting the attention ever since Microsoft
reorganized Windows development to focus on its cloud and AI
organization. However, Panos Panay, who is now heading Windows
and Surface, indirectly confirmed at Ignite 2020 that the
company is still committed to Windows 10.

At Ignite 2020, Panos Panay said that he wants to see “people
move from needing [Windows] to loving and wanting [Windows]”.

Microsoft has always wanted users to like Windows 10 and it
appears that the company is finally serious about its
commitment to the OS under Panos’ leadership.

“There has never been more investment in Windows than there has
been recently at Microsoft,” Panos said.

Future of Windows

The fact that Microsoft’s senior leaders are using words like
“loving, wanting and investment” suggests that
Windows 10 is finally set for some much-needed
improvements, but there’s a great deal of confusion.

Microsoft hasn’t been forthcoming about Windows 10’s future and
how they plan to make it better.

Windows 10 rounded corners

Recently, though,
Microsoft has posted concept renders of rounded corners in
the taskbar,
modern File Explorer, and other UI improvements. What’s not
yet clear is whether these new design ideas will become the
focus of a new generation of Windows and apps.

Windows fans have been hoping to hear more about plans to test
new features on real hardware, but Microsoft is not yet ready
to talk about its renewed focus in Windows.

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