Microsoft prepares new solution for troubled Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 driver quality update

Buggy Windows 10 update process isn’t quite a new thing, and
users have been complaining about problems for a few years
already. The major bugs could be reported again when the next
feature update is released to the public, but Microsoft is
mulling a new AI/ML strategy that could reduce disruption.

If you actively watch Windows 10 development, you may have
noticed that Microsoft has changed update testing significantly
in recent time.

Previously, the tech giant relied on a large group of testers
to test Windows 10 feature updates on real hardware, but the
tech giant has now shifted to machine learning-based testing.

Microsoft currently also relies on Windows Insider computer
systems to test the new features before seeding them to the
general public.

According to our sources, Microsoft is now considering a new
AI/ML model to test popular drivers on more hardware, software,
and driver combinations. This could significantly reduce

Windows 10 update problems caused by new or existing

In addition, matching learning will also allow Microsoft to
identify problems with drivers before rolling out features
updates. This will be achieved by adding more hardware
combinations to the machine learning and artificial
intelligence-based test matric.

In other words, Microsoft will be testing the driver updates on
more hardware and driver combinations to evaluate its quality
ahead of the rollout of feature updates.

The machine learning model is trained on PCs with a different
set of drivers, software, and hardware configurations to
differentiate between good and poor experiences after a driver

Machine learning is already being used to determine the release
quality, but Microsoft is planning to add more
hardware/driver/software combinations to new driver test

Based on the results from its ML/AI model and increased
hardware combinations, Microsoft will highlight potential
problems with Windows 10 drivers before shipping the features

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