Microsoft PowerToys gets new features and Windows 11 makeover

PowerToys for Windows 10

Microsoft’s PowerToys for Windows, the open-source utility
collection is getting a big update with two new features and
Windows 11 makeover.

As you’re probably aware, PowerToys is a collection of tools
developed and maintained by Microsoft. It comes with tools like
Color Picker, FancyZones, File Explorer extensions, Shortcut
Guide, Windows Search replacement called “PowerToys Run” and
PowerRename (bulk rename tool).

PowerRename lets you rename documents and pictures, and help
users correct mistakes they have made when previously naming
files. To access the PowerRename menu, you need to right-click
on the file and select the option. As part of PowerToys v49,
Microsoft is introducing a new Windows 11-inspired design for
renaming dialog.

PowerToys Rename

Thanks to the new design, the renaming dialog is now fairly
simple and easy to use. As you can see in the above screenshot,
you can easily replace words of document/picture with different

Additionally, you can access advanced options like variables
and add dates/times.

In addition to the new PowerRename tool,
Microsoft has also updated the PowerToys Settings page with
a modern interface to match the look and feel of Windows 11.

Find My Mouse

This version of PowerToys also adds support for a new feature
called “Find My Mouse”. As the name suggests, this utility lets
you quickly locate the cursor on your display (multiple
monitors supported).

To use the feature, which is enabled by default, you need to
double press the left CTRL key.

Find My Mouse PowerToys

Pressing CTRL twice will darken your screen and highlight the
cursor’s position. You can dismiss the spotlight by moving the
cursor or you can also press the ESC key. The spotlight will
disappear automatically when the mouse stops moving.

This feature is particularly helpful for devices with a 4K
monitor setup and ultrawide monitor. Microsoft previously
explained that locating a mouse cursor while working on a
single monitor with a high resolution or multiple monitors can
be difficult, and Windows default “find my cursor” is not good

According to Microsoft officials, PowerToys Find My Mouse
functionality will offer a better experience than Windows
10/11’s existing implementation. It will be a “night and day
difference”, Microsoft said.

Video Conference Mute

With PowerToys v49, Microsoft is finally bringing Video
Conference mute feature to Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The feature was announced last year and it’s now available in
the stable release.

Video Conference Mute

The video conference mute feature lets you mute the microphone
and camera with a keystroke, and it can be activated with these

  • Win+N to mute/unmute both Audio and Video.
  • Win+Shift+A to mute/unmute microphone.
  • Win+Shift+O to mute/unmute the video.

PowerToys Mute

When you use any of the above keyboard shortcuts, a small
toolbar will appear revealing the current state of your
microphone and camera. You can customize the shortcuts and
change the position of the toolbar by heading to the Conference
Mute tab of PowerToys.

To install PowerToys v49, head to Github and
click on PowerToysSetup-0.49.0-x64.exe to begin the download.

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