Microsoft patents headphones with built-in Fingerprint reader

Surface Headphones 2

Microsoft could be working on another Surface Headphones with
Fingerprint authentication support. According to a patent
filing, which was published on May
21, Microsoft has invented a design for a headphone with an
integrated Fingerprint Reader.

In the patent filing, Microsoft noted that its headphone will
provide a “dual-mode” with fingerprint authentication apparatus
and ability to login to the user account. It’s possible that
the headset will use Windows Hello, which gives an alternative
way to log into devices and applications using a fingerprint.

Microsoft points out that the fingerprint reader would be
integrated into the headphones itself, possibly on the exterior
surface or on one of the distinctive on-earcup dial.

Microsoft headphones patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

Microsoft adds that the fingerprint sensor will generate
signals to the controller for processing the input. For
instance, the controller will be configured to authenticate the
user based on the pre-stored fingerprints.

“Specifically, in accordance with implementations of the
subject matter described herein, in the case that the
electronic device is in a sleep mode, the controller, together
with a driver module included in the electronic device, is
configured to cause the electronic device to be “woken up”,
i.e., switch from the current sleep mode to a wake-up mode,”
Microsoft said.

While the concept is intriguing, we wouldn’t get too excited
about the patent as Microsoft patents new ideas regularly and
patents don’t always turn into products.

Surface Headphones 2

In the first week of May, Microsoft announced Surface
Headphones 2 with the same minimalist aesthetic. Surface
Headphones 2 comes with extra-cushy earpads and dial controls
for volume and active noise cancellation.

Like its predecessor, Surface Headphones 2 deliver strong sound
and the experience can be tweaked through the Surface Audio app
for Android and iOS. On Windows 10, you can use the new Cortana
app to extensively manage and tweak the full sound experience
of the headphones.

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