Microsoft patents detachable controllers for mobile, portable devices

Xbox controller

Microsoft might be developing a new input overlay that will
allow mobile gamers to play games with controller attachment. A
new patent
application from the tech giant details a ‘removable game
controllers’ for mobile devices.

Spotted by us, the patent titled ‘Charging device for removable
input modules’ was filed by Redmond-based Microsoft in 2017 and
published by
USPTO on July 9, 2019. The patent applications and drawings
detail a removable controller for mobile/handheld devices
(such as smartphones, tablet computers, portable games

Microsoft talks about two removable input modules which can be
attached to a mobile device or touch-screen to provide input
controls. The inventor says that the input modules can be
removed and it has been designed in such a way that it will
obscure very little or none of the display area.

“The inputs are mapped to software running on the touch-screen
computing device and where the touch-screen device is a
peripheral (i.e. a touch-screen peripheral device) for a
computing device (e.g. a touch-sensitive display for a desktop
computer), the inputs are mapped to software running on that
computing device,” the detailed description of the patent

Controllers patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO / Microsoft

The detachable game controllers can be connected to the device
directly or via wireless technologies.

“Subsequently (e.g. when the user has finished interacting with
the touch-screen device or when the module is not needed), the
module can be detached from the touch-screen device 108 and
stored until it is next used by the user (e.g. connected to the
same touch-screen device or a different touch-screen device),”
Microsoft explains.

Input controllers patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO / Microsoft

In the long description section of the patent, Microsoft also
revealed that the input modules are powered by a
“rechargeable power source”. There is also a charging device
which comprises a charging mechanism (or arrangement) for
charging the input modules.

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