Microsoft patents a Surface device with flexible display

Surface Duo

In October 2019, Microsoft unveiled dual-screen Surface
products, which feature two displays connected by hinges rather
than a single bendable screen. While a device with a hinge in
the middle may look a bit archaic, it may not have durability
issues that come with a foldable screen like the Galaxy Fold’s.

Samsung Galaxy Fold features an OLED panel and there is a
plastic film to protect the display from damage. Surface Duo
and Neo will probably be a more durable device than Galaxy
Fold, Huawei Mate X or any device with an actual foldable

While Microsoft understands the durability issues that come
with a foldable screen like the Galaxy Fold, the company hasn’t
given up on the idea of devices with a flexible screen. In a
new patent filing, Microsoft has revealed how it plans to build
a Surface product with a single flexible display.

Microsoft flexible patent

In a patent tiled ‘Hinged device’, Microsoft has described a
device that has hinged first and second portions and a flexible
display positioned over both portions. Microsoft says the
patented device is using a cord to determine a length of the
hinged portions relative to the flexible display.

Microsoft says cord acts as a position of support for the
flexible display depending on the orientation.

“To accommodate the flexible display, the effective length of
the device underlying the flexible display can be decreased by
forcing the hinge guides (and thereby the first and second
portions) toward the hinge assembly. However, this bias can be
overcome by the cords 326 when the cords experience relatively
long pathways,” the patent reads.

The filing suggests that Microsoft is considering flexible
display devices as well, but we don’t if they will convert this
idea into a product.

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