Microsoft patent hints at Surface Book with Apple-like keyboard design setup

Surface Book patent update

A new patent application has revealed how Microsoft might
bright Apple’s Magic keyboard-like technology to its Surface
Book (or perhaps even other Surface devices like Surface

In a new patent
application, Microsoft highlighted a new device that
includes a display hinge, which can connect the stand to the
display with support for rotation. The display hinge is a
friction hinge and it may have a display breakout torque to
rotate the display around the hinge sitting above the keyboard.

“The display hinge may include a stand hinge between the
display and the stand. The stand hinge may be any type of
hinge. For example, the stand hinge may be a friction hinge
similar to the base hinge,” the patent application reads.

The keyboard is neither a detachable tablet with a separate
keyboard nor a flip-and-fold convertible design. The patented
Surface device has a keyboard setup similar to Apple’s Magic
keyboard for iPad, which turns iPad into a Mac. One of the
benefits of the stand and hinge is that said angle is offers
stability for working and video calls.

Surface patent
Image Courtesy: WIPO / Microsoft

It is stiff enough to hold the Surface device in place for the
right viewing angle. As per the patent, the primary support for
display is at a fixed location and it slides up and down the
primary strip, allowing the user to change the hinge angle
between the display and the stand.

With this new design for its Surface device, Microsoft plans to
offer support for “multiple form factors”. In some
configurations, the display can be parallel to a stand and it
may resemble a traditional 2-in-1 laptop, similar to Surface

The company is also hoping to reduce “the total width of the
computing device” by allowing the rotatable stand to appear
parallel to the display, and display hinge or other elements
connected to the stand won’t get in the way.

The “stand may be able to lay flat against the display” in
laptop form factor, according to the patent application.

5G support for Surface Book

Additionally, Microsoft is also exploring support for 5G
connectivity. The second patent suggests a new design where a
large section of the chassis can be swapped out, allowing users
to switch between 5G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

According to the second patent, Microsoft is working on a
modular Surface Book with panels that could be easily swapped.

Remember that Microsoft has been planning to introduce new
Surface products in 2021 according to the rumour mill. Earlier
this year, sources revealed that this would happen in October
or November. In addition to Surface Pro 8,
Surface Duo 2 is also expected to launch later this fall.

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