Microsoft overtakes Google as the world’s third most valuable company

Microsoft overtakes Google
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According to latest reports published yesterday, Microsoft has
now surpassed Google’s parent company Alphabet in terms of
market value. Microsoft is now worth $749 billion, and the
software giant has become the world’s third most valuable firm.
The company has managed to overtake Google’s parent company
Alphabet and secured the third position.

While Microsoft is now worth $749 billion, Google’s parent
company Alphabet worth is $739 billion market value and it
holds the fourth spot in the charts. Apple is still the
most valuable company and Amazon holds the second

Both Microsoft and Google’s parent company Alphabet experienced
a minor decline this week but the bigger drop recorded by
Google apparently helped Redmond-based Microsoft. On Tuesday,
Satya Nadella’s Microsoft managed to overtake its long-time
rival. Both firms are now only trailing behind Apple and

Surpassing Alphabet in terms of market value has taken
Microsoft nearly three years with stringent competition from
Alphabet which has enjoyed a comfortable lead since 2015. Both
Microsoft and Alphabet are already in the race to become the
first trillion dollar company with stiff competition from Apple
and Amazon.

Microsoft market value vs Google
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Microsoft’s focus on cloud and services such as Azure
contributed to the company’s market value, and while Google is
also betting big on its cloud services, it’s not as popular as

The analysts believe that Microsoft could achieve the 1
trillion market cap by end of 2018, and if the growth of its
cloud business (Azure) continues at this pace, the company
could double its market value in a few years. Apple is
also in the race to become the world’s first one
trillion-dollar company and it has been considered the leader
but given the recent growth of Microsoft, the software giant is
well positioned to achieve this historical
milestone first.

It remains to be seen as to which company ends up being the
first to be valued as a trillion dollar company. Microsoft has
been able to garner more market share with the company
concentrating on Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence,
Speech recognition and more.

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