Microsoft Outlook is down for some users on October 1

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Microsoft’s email service Outlook is down again on October 1,
2020. The email service is apparently broken around the world
and users are unable to access their messages. Those trying to
login to Outlook are getting an error message “Something went
wrong” since today morning.

While the problem with Outlook website is being reported since
morning, users said that they’re still able to access the email
service with apps. The outage also affects those using
Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite.

If you want to access your emails, you should consider using
Android or Windows app, but the apps will work only if you’re
already signed into the email service. In some cases, users are
also unable to open the apps.

Outlook down

Some users are also said to be having issues when accessing
their Microsoft account as the Microsoft servers are reportedly
struggling to fetch the emails and other services.

“Error code 503 Unavailable,” error message shows up when
accessing Outlook web. “There was an issue looking up your
account. Tap Next to try again,” another message shows up when
users are trying to send emails using Outlook.

Microsoft confirms Outlook is down on October 1

In a new update posted to the admin center, Microsoft confirmed
that users are unable to access Outlook and Exchange Online
accounts via Outlook on the Web.

Microsoft initially said that only India-based users are
impacted, but Microsoft has now identified this issue to be
affecting users worldwide. The tech giant is currently
reviewing recent changes to the service to determine the root
problem and revert any changes made last week.

According to the latest update from Microsoft, users may
experience problems with Outlook desktop, mobile devices,
Exchange Online protocols, and REST functionality.

“We’ve collected additional data from the affected
infrastructures to determine the impact to our Exchange online
protocols,” Microsoft said.

In addition, we’re also seeing reports of problems with
OneDrive and Skype.

It’s worth noting that some Microsoft services experienced a
multi-hour outage last week as well, but the issues were later

We’ll update this article when the service is back online.

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