Microsoft OneDrive is down on November 29 for some users


OneDrive is down as the users in Europe are reporting issues
connecting to their online storage service. Microsoft has also
confirmed that the users in some regions may experience issues
connecting to their OneDrive account on November 29.

Microsoft’s Outlook also surfered outage earlier this month
and today the cloud storage service OneDrive is broken in
some regions. Microsoft’s service health page has confirmed
that OneDrive is currently experiencing issues and a fix is
expected to be deployed soon.

“We’re reviewing system telemetry to isolate the source of the
issue and determine the next troubleshooting steps,” an update
posted on Microsoft’s website reads.

“We’ve determined that a networking issue is impacting user
request to the service. We’re rerouting user connections to
alternate infrastructure to remediate impact,” Microsoft
explains. The company notes that some users may be unable to
access the OneDrive Consumer service.

The users have documented their problem on Twitter and it
appears that OneDrive is already back online for some

“This is a personal account, when I log in using the web
interface an error message appears, while the desktop app is
stuck on sign-in,” a user wrote on Twitter.

However, another user claims that OneDrive is working fine for
him. “Ok, @onedrive & @MicrosoftHelps your network rerouting
has worked for me – I now have access to OneDrive,” they wrote.

We will update this article when more details are available. As
of 11:30 AM UTC, November 29 – OneDrive is down for some users.

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