Microsoft might be working on a new OneDrive app for Windows 10

OneDrive for Windows 10

Microsoft appears to be building a new OneDrive app for Windows
10 PCs from the ground up. The brand-new OneDrive app is
available for Windows Insiders enrolled in the Fast Ring and it
features a new user interface.

OneDrive appears to be a Progressive Web App and it
replaces the original UWP app. At glance, you will notice
significant changes to the interface. For instance, the updated
sidebar comes with Files, Recent Documents, Photos, Shared, and
Recycle bin options.

The folders screen now offers an improved top menu that
includes Upload, Share, Download, Move to, Copy, Rename and
other options. You can also sort the files by name, date or
size and change the folder view. In the old OneDrive app, the
options were hidden in three dots menu.

OneDrive PWA

The right-click menu has been also updated with several new
options, including preview that essentially allows users to
view the photo. The other options are Share, Download, Delete,
Move to, Copy to, Rename, Add to album, Add as cover.

OneDrive PWA app

The new OneDrive app offers a better experience and it should
work on older versions of Windows 10 as well, including the
April 2018 Update.

If you have subscribed to the Fast Ring and Microsoft Store
updates are enabled, it should automatically update itself the
next time you open it. You can also download the latest version
of the OneDrive app from Microsoft Store.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the new OneDrive app does
require that your PC is running Windows 10 April 2018 Update or

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