Microsoft Launcher (stable) for Android updated with new features

Microsoft Launcher
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Last month, Microsoft rolled out an update for the
Launcher Beta app on Android with a couple of new
features. Today, Microsoft is pushing the same update to the
general public.

The latest version of Microsoft Launcher is 4.12 and the
changelog is now live on the Google Play Store.

  • Folder and app icon gestures (swipe to open or click to
  • Choose how to use the last row of expanded dock: Apps,
    pinned contacts, folders, search bar or widgets.
  • Parents can enable web filtering through the Family card.
  • Folders in the app drawer are now sorted alphabetically.
  • UI improvements: Animation adjustments; blur effect as an
    option; App badges in the app drawer.
  • Fully support Android 8.0 and remove support for 4.0.X and

Microsoft Launcher was launched last year and it has become
as fluid and useful as any native OEM customization of
Android. It is a decent app that allows users to set themes and
customize opacity, blur, accent and even header colours.
It also comes with the ability to set Cortana as the default
digital assistant on the phone.

As Microsoft has stopped developing Windows 10 Mobile and new
Windows Phone hardware, the company’s mobile push would
continue to rely exclusively on apps and services aimed at
Android and iOS devices. Microsoft has put some considerable
resources behind its new approach to mobile and with the new
Microsoft Launcher, it seems that the company has found a new
way to stay relevant in the smartphone industry.

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