Microsoft Launcher Beta for Android updated with parental control feature


Microsoft today released a new update for its Microsoft
Launcher Beta app for Android users. The latest update comes
with parental control feature for the Launcher app.

Microsoft Launcher users on Android will be getting support for
family accounts. Users will now be able to know the last
location of their kids directly on their devices by creating a
family account. The users would need to install the latest Beta
update with version 4.10 from the Google Play Store.

The latest update is part of the testing program which the
company has launched in two phases, the first update focusing
on the family features for the beta users.

For parents to have access to the parental control on their
Android device they would need to be on Android 5.0 and older
versions installed on their kids devices.

Along with the latest beta update to the Microsoft Launcher
app, Microsoft has also pushed out a new update for the stable
version of the Launcher app for Android users. The latest
update to the stable version comes with many new improvements
which have already been tested in the beta application. The
latest update to the Microsoft Launcher app for all Android
users is available with version 4.9.0.

The update comes with an improved Home screen, along with
support for sorting out folders in alphabetical order. The
update also includes new gestures which lets users to customize
the Home Button from the home screen. Users will also be able
to expand notifications, screen lock and more after downloading
the latest update.

The new gestures also includes option to let users quickly lock
their home screen by double tapping on the screen. The above
features released to the stable version have already been
tested on the beta version of the Launcher application.

Updates to both the  stable and beta version of Microsoft
Launcher app is currently rolling out and can be downloaded by
going to the Google Play Store.

Do let us know what you think of the new parental control
features released by Microsoft for the Beta version of
Microsoft Launcher app, in the comments below.

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