Microsoft kills support for Family Calendar in Outlook desktop apps

Outlook Calendar

If you frequently rely on Outlook’s desktop or third-party apps
to keep track of what’s going on in your family, we have got
bad news for you. Outlook’s feature that lets families share a
single calendar with member access is no longer available on
Windows if you use Win32, UWP app or third-party apps.

After a recent update to Outlook, the shared family calendar
has disappeared and the problem has been widely reported
by users.

This change (not a bug) was made after the old version of the
calendar was recently retired and all the events from the old
calendar were moved to the new calendar.

The feature update added the ability for the calendar to send
invites and be available as part of an Outlook group that also
includes a family mailbox, but the new version is not yet
widely supported across Microsoft’s own platform.

Earlier, your calendar was owned by a single family member and
it allowed families to share a single calendar that each member
can add to. With the migration to new Outlook, Microsoft
appears to have changed the way your family calendar works.

You can access the migrated calendar events under the Groups
section on the navigation pane in or in the Groups
area of the Outlook “mobile” app, but Groups support is not yet
available. As a result, if you use Outlook for desktop or Mail
& Calendar on Windows 10, you won’t be able to access your
shared family events.

“Unfortunately this change also removed some functionality that
allowed the calendar to be viewed as a shared calendar in other
applications like the Windows 10 Mail app and the Outlook
desktop app as well as some third-party apps. None of the
events or information was lost in the move to the new
calendar,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft says you can still access the Family calendar from
the left pane in “Your family” under the Groups section on You can also use Outlook app for Android or iOS to
access your shared family calendar under groups.

While this move is disappointing, it appears that the
functionality could be restored in a future update to the
Outlook apps.

“We are also actively investigating the best way to expose the
calendar to a wider range of Outlook applications and other
apps,” the company said.

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