Microsoft is working to optimize the battery life on Surface Duo

Surface Duo pocketable

Microsoft’s Surface Duo was announced in October 2019 and

it is expected to launch in the coming days. The device has
already headed to the AT&T channels in the United States
and it has received certification in the US, Canada, and Japan.

It’s already known that Microsoft has developed a customized
version of Android for the Surface Duo with pre-loaded apps
that work well on Android.

Surface Duo will ship with a 3460mAh battery to power the dual
1800×1350 displays, Snapdragon 855 CPU and 6GB of RAM. It’s
believed that the Surface Duo will be able to get through the
day on average usage, but you should not expect extraordinary

Now that the Surface Duo is pretty much ready for release,
Microsoft has revealed how it plans to improve battery backup
of the dual-screen hardware by working with developers.

Microsoft says that they have a power team for the Surface Duo
to make sure only the minimum amount of power is spent by the

“For this, we measure power consumption and we look at the
activity of the device. This goes form the firmware all the way
to the HLOS (High-Level Operating System),” Microsoft’s Ingrid
Gallardo Huape said.

“When looking at the power, we see that many times the power is
high because the apps or the kernel modules are keeping the
hardware awake for no reason. So when developing an app or
kernel module, [developers] can make sure that they release all
the wake locks or sources that apps are holding,” Micorosft

Microsoft is also recommending the developers
to make sure their new apps respect the Doze and Deep Doze
power state.

This sounds like a good plan and it’s very likely that
Microsoft has already optimized their apps for both performance
and power on the Surface Duo.

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