Microsoft is working on improvements for Windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar issues

Windows 11 comes with a redesigned taskbar and it has witnessed
various changes to the overall usability. The new taskbar isn’t
very popular among users as it doesn’t support features like
dark and drop, and Microsoft has also disabled support for
clock seconds on the taskbar.

Additionally, users have flagged various issues with the
taskbar. For example, a taskbar bug could result in systray
tooltips appearing far from the actual feature/icon. With

Build 22494, Microsoft has finally addressed a bug where
tooltips (preview of the feature) appear in random places.

This bug is noticeable when you hover over icons like volume,
battery, network, etc in the Taskbar corner. Microsoft is also
working on a fix for an underlying issue that was leading to
duplication of certain icons in the taskbar corner. The
unexpected duplication of certain icons was experienced on some
systems only.

In a Feedback Hub post, Microsoft noted that they’re still
testing the patch with Insiders, so it’s possible that fixes
will arrive in the production channel later this month or next

Taskbar limitations and improvements

Microsoft is also believed to be working on
drag and drop functionality for Windows 11, but it won’t be
ready anytime soon. Insiders should get hands-on with this
feature in early 2022 as Microsoft will be taking a break for

On the other hand, production devices should receive it as part
of the October 2022 update for Windows 11.

As we mentioned at the outset, Microsoft has made massive under
the hood changes to the taskbar with Windows 11. Icons are now
aligned to the centre and the taskbar supports a new system
tray experience.

These changes have caused some confusion in the community as
basic features like drop and drag and Calendar flyout with
events integration have stopped working.

While we’re confident about the comeback of drag and drop
functionality, we’re not sure as to when calendar flyout will
again support events integration. Previously, users had assumed
that it was just a bug in the calendar flyout, but it turns out
that this is an official design idea.

Microsoft wants users to rely on the widgets panel to access
calendar events/reminders, clock with seconds reminders.

Of course, users are not happy with changes like this.
Microsoft says it’s listening to the feedback and it’s possible
that calendar flyout will support events in future.

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