Microsoft is working on a upgraded Surface Go with Intel Core m3

Surface Go
Image Courtesy: Wired

Microsoft unveiled Surface Go in 2018 and the company’s entry
into the budget computing category was
successful. Microsoft Surface event is two months away and
it’s apparently time for the rumour mill to start grinding

According to a new Benchmark listing that
we uncovered, Microsoft might be working on a Surface Go with
Intel Core m3 and 8GB of RAM. The benchmark is for a model
named ‘OEMTX OEMTX Product Name EV1’, a similar codename was
used for benchmark of the first-generation Surface Go.

In the Geekbench
listing, the Surface Go has been benchmarked with Intel
Core m3-8100Y and 8GB of RAM. It shows Intel Core m3-8100Y
clocked at max 3.39 GHz gaining a single-core score of 3,113
and a multi-core score of 5,621.

Surface Go benchmark

This puts it ahead of the Surface Go with Intel Pentium
4415Y, which has a 1,895 single-core score and a 3,874
multi-core score.

It’s also worth noting that the original Surface Go with Intel
Pentium runs max at 1.6GHz and lacks the Turbo Boost feature,
but Surface Go with Intel Core m3 will apparently support this

It’s also important to note that the model shown in the listing
runs Windows 10 Pro.

Here’s a comparison of these two
Surface Go variants:

New Surface Go

Geekbench numbers have backed speculation of a new Surface Go
model, but it’s unclear if Microsoft will update the affordable
device later this year. For now, we can only speculate on when
that might be.

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