Microsoft is working on a new Snipping Tool for Windows 11

Windows 11 Snipping Tool

With Windows 11, Microsoft is redesigning several inbox apps,
such as
Paint and Microsoft Photo. It looks like the company is
also working on a new Snipping Tool for the operating system,
and testers in the Windows Insider program will be able to try
the new experience later this month or early next month.

On Twitter, Panos Panay confirmed the new tool is
coming to Windows Insiders soon with several minor changes to
the interface of the legacy Snipping Tool. Instead of retiring
the legacy Snipping Tool, Microsoft has merged Snipping
Tool and Snip & Sketch together, and the new app will be called
“Snipping Tool”.

In a support document, Microsoft previously confirmed the old
design and functionality of “Snipping Tool” will be replaced
with those of the app currently called “Snip & Sketch”. As
you’re probably aware, Snipping Tool has been warning users
about the end of support for a few years.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is not being retired, but it could be getting
bigger changes. As you can see in the above and below images,
Microsoft has replaced the snip button icon with a plus sign
and the mode button has drop-down toggles.

All icons and buttons have been updated so it lines up with
Windows 11’s new design language.

As mentioned, Snipping Tool will now use features from Snip &
Sketch app. As a result, controls for free-form selection and
window selection will appear at the top of the screen when you
click on the new snip button.

Snipping window

In snipping mode, Windows will darken your screen and let you
choose between free-form selection, rectangular snip, and a
snip of the currently selected window. The snipping will open
in the Snip & Sketch Window. In Snip & Sketch app, you’ll be
able to copy the content to the clipboard after making changes
to the screenshot.

You can also save the snipping in your choice of JPEG, PNG, or
other formats).

You can highlight, draw, or crop the screenshot to meet your
requirements. You can add basic notations using a pen and
highlighter. On a desktop, you can add texts instead.

Additionally, users will be able to paste a snip of their
screen directly into a folder for convenience. On Windows 10,
users need to save screenshots manually using the “Save as”
button in MS Paint, Snip & Sketch or a third-party app.

With Windows 11, users will be able to copy-and-paste snips
directly into a folder in File Explorer. However, this feature
could arrive a bit later.

This update may seem insignificant at face value, but it
could improve the overall snipping experience by combining the
best of both apps: Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch.

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