Microsoft is working on a keyboard manager for Windows 10


Windows 10 does allow users to remap the keys on your keyboard
with a few registry tweaks, but Registry editor isn’t exactly
an easy tool to customize the operating system and bend it to
your will, which is why there is a market for third-party
software like SharpKeys that writes this information directly
to the registry.

With PowerToys suite, Microsoft has been trying to create
features that offer power user tools ranging from launching
programs to the
faster search experience.

It appears that Microsoft is also working on a Keyboard Manager
for PowerToys, so you don’t have to rely on some other software
as a middleman.

Microsoft’s PowerToys team has quietly revealed that they are
working on a new tool that would allow you to remap the keys.

PowerToys Keyboard Manager

“For developers and some seasoned users, where using their
keyboard is a large part their job, ability to remap keystrokes
and engage executables can lead to massive gains in time. In
fact, this was the second most popular topic measured through
thumbs up and the most commented issue in the PowerToys
Github,” Microsoft said.

Windows 10’s upcoming Keyboard Shortcut Manager can be used to
configure keypresses on computers and laptops with the built-in
or external keyboard. Keyboard Shortcut Manager supports
remapping at OS-level and it offers a lightweight UI

Microsoft is also considering the following features:

  • Disable existing OS-level shortcuts. Example: Windows key +
  • OS-level shortcuts have priority over apps that come with
    shortcuts. Example: Alt + Enter will trigger OS action, not
    excel-specific action when in Excel.
  • Winkey shortcuts have priority over app-specific shortcuts.

The tool will allow Windows 10 to interpret the keystrokes as
you’ve told it to.

Keyboard Manager

Microsoft says Keyboard shortcut manager will require a reboot
only when it’s necessary, which means you may not need to
reboot the system for some remaps.

Microsoft is also planning to add support to edit app-level

At the moment, it seems that Microsoft’s keyboard manager is
still in the early development phase and it’s not clear when
the app would become a part of the stable PowerToys release.

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