Microsoft is showing helpful suggestions in Settings app on Windows 10 preview builds for some users

Image Courtesy: Rafael Rivera

Microsoft is reportedly showing suggestions in the Settings app
on Windows 10 for some Insiders and it’s perfectly normal for
suggestions to occasionally show up across the OS. The
suggestions are in fact useful, especially for the beginners
and it could also remind users about the features that Windows
10 has received in the last few releases.

It appears that the suggestion only shows up on Insider
machines. It could be a test that Microsoft is running for a
limited set of users or Windows Insiders as part of the A/B
testing. At the moment, Microsoft os experimenting with such
recommendations with some users.

As part of the testing, a banner will show up in Settings app.
It appears to be suggesting different and useful features of
Windows 10. The banner link will take you to a page in
Settings, and it’s apparently not a advertisement.

Interestingly, there’s a option that allows you to turn off
such suggestions. The three dots menu option on banner will
take you to a Settings page that lets you turn off all
suggestions in Windows 10 operating system.

You can also open privacy settings in Windows 10 to turn off
the suggestions and recommendations across the OS. In other
words, it’s easier to hide these suggestions if you don’t
like them.

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