Microsoft is rolling out important Windows 10 update changes

Windows 10 update page

Today, Microsoft is implementing measures that could improve
overall Windows Update experience on Windows 10.

Microsoft has struggled to get the way it updates Windows right
and users have reported problems after every Windows 10 update.
In 2019, Microsoft was criticized for forcing feature updates
and the company implemented a change that gives people control
over whether to install the feature updates.

Last year, a number of flawed drivers were also pushed via
Windows Update and such drivers affected the installation of
major feature updates. Microsoft is rolling out a new
feature that will finally give users control over the drivers
installed via Windows Update.

Starting today, Windows 10 is getting better at coping with
driver compatibility clashes and you’ll be able to install the
drivers for your processor, keyboard, mouse, graphics and other

Optional updates page

Microsoft says driver manufacturers will be able to publish
drivers more easily and it will allow Microsoft to detect
issues with the drivers earlier, and address them before the
update is rolled out to consumers.

The software maker is also tweaking Windows Update settings
page to include a new ‘Optional updates’ area. Windows Update
will still automatically install many hardware driver updates,
but the new additional updates that may not automatically be
installed will appear in this Optional updates page.

With this new feature, customers and enterprises can find out
what will be in Windows updates (drivers, non-security update
and other patches), so that they can decide whether and how to
prepare for them.

The other improvements will also allow its partners to easily
direct users to the right driver.

According to Microsoft, the new experience will be rolling out
to consumers later today and the changes should be live by 5 PM

In related news,
Microsoft has plans to allow hardware partners to block feature
updates if the particular Windows 10 release has
compatibility clashes with drivers on a PC. In other
words, hardware partners will be able to request blocks on
updates if they know there is a problem with a driver.

During the block period, Microsoft will not offer the Windows
10 feature update to any PC that has an incompatible driver

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