Microsoft is rolling out emergency fix for Windows 10 printing issues

Windows 10 emergency update

On July 6, Microsoft released the emergency security
updates to supported Windows 10 versions. While the updates
brought the important bug fixes for PrintNightmare
vulnerability, several users began reporting printing failures
and Blue Screen of Death errors.

The bug – supposedly introduced with three cumulative updates
KB5004760 and
KB5004945) affects Windows 10 versions 21H1, version 20H2,
and version 2004 (May 2020 Update). It causes issues when
printing documents and Blue Screen of Death crashes in the
worst case.

The issue seemingly affects consumer and enterprise editions of
Windows 10 and devices where the printer is connected via USB.
Microsoft has now acknowledged the issue in an update to the
same support
document and begun rolling out a fix via Windows Update,
but it appears to be a server-side patch.

Most affected printers are receipt or label printers, and the
problem is not isolated to any particular brand. The problem
was first reported after users applied the latest security
update and it is currently marked as a known issue in the patch

The problems, which included printer crashes and Blue Screen of
Death errors, are linked to the emergency security, and the
previous optional update, with printer maker Zebra coming
forward to recommend that users should try removing the update
manually to cure the issues.

As mentioned, Microsoft is pushing a server-side fix, but you
won’t see a new update under Windows Update. That’s because the
fix will remotely disable the buggy code and a reboot may be
required for the changes to take effect. You can try to force
the patch by checking for updates, and then restarting your PC.

How Microsoft is remotely fixing issues on Windows 10

Microsoft is using a feature called “Known Issue Rollback” to
quickly roll back non-security fixes that are causing problems
for users. Using KIR, Microsoft can turn off problematic code
without releasing another cumulative update or workaround.

KIR can be applied via server and it will disable the
problematic code without affecting other improvements in the

A fix for the printing issue is currently being rolled out
slowly and should propagate to all devices in the next 24
hours. It is not clear if another out of the band update will
be issued, but we’re expecting a proper fix for printing
problems and security issues with July’s Patch Tuesday update.

How to verify Windows 10’s printer fix

To verify the fix, open Registry Editor and navigate to the
following path:


If the above path and KIR ID exists, the server-side patch has
been installed on the device. If you do not see the ID, simply
check for updates again or wait for a day or two as the fix is
slowly rolling out.

Additionally, we’ve also seen reports of Blue Screen of Death
errors and problems when launching apps after users applied the
emergency patch. However, we don’t know if Microsoft is aware
of these problems.

In addition to printing problems, Microsoft is also planning to
address the performance and taskbar issue with July 2021
security patch.

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