Microsoft is rolling back Windows 11’s controversial default browser setting

Windows 11 default browser update

Windows 11 has made switching your default browser from Edge to
Chrome or Firefox much harder as the company has removed the
option that lets you “set default” browser with just one tap.

As part of the Windows 11 revamp, Microsoft has introduced a
new Windows Settings app, which also includes a redesigned Apps
& Feature page. The Apps & Features page lets you configure the
default file type for your apps, including browser and music
player. For browsers, Microsoft has removed an option to use
third-party browsers for everything.

Right now, if you try to change the default browser to Chrome
or Firefox, you will need to manually change the file type for
all possible web-related formats. This includes HTM, HTML,
HTTP, HTTPS, SHTML, WEBP, SVG, and even PDF. If you forget
to tick the box for all necessary options, you won’t be able to
use Chrome or Firefox as the default browser.

This complicated change has come across as annoying, with users
saying that Microsoft is trying to force its preference. After
users spotted the change, Microsoft also received backlash from
rivals like Google and Opera.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP at Google, said that this new [default
browser] change comes from “the company that claims to be the
most open with the most choice. This is far from “choice.”.
Firefox officials also criticized Microsoft for forcing
“additional and unnecessary steps to set and retain default
browser settings”.

Microsoft later confirmed that the company is listening to the
feedback from the consumers, and changes will be made to shape
the future of the operating system.

Microsoft rolls back Windows 11’s default browser setting

Thankfully, Microsoft has finally decided to revert Windows
11’s complicated default browser setting with a new preview

Windows 11 default browser

Windows 11 Build 22509, Microsoft has quietly enabled a new
toggle that lets you modify default browser setting for all
web-related file formats/connections, including HTTP and HTTPs.

As you can see in the above screenshot, there’s a new “Set
default” button on the Settings page, which should make it
easier to set Chrome or Firefox as the default browser on the

It is worth noting that Microsoft hasn’t officially announced
this new “set default” browser option yet and it’s not clear as
to when it will be released for users outside the beta program.

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