Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch Surface devices in black (dark) color variant

Microsoft Surface with black color
Image Courtesy: Intel

Microsoft’s Surface range hold a strong foothold within the
Windows ecosystem and the performance of the devices is getting
better with every firmware update. Microsoft has earned itself
the proud title among some customers and the Surface range
is quite popular in the notebook segment.

The global PC market has been witnessing a decline in shipments
but the PC shipments are expected to rebound in 2018 as the
market stabilizes and the software maker is targeting the PC
market aggressively with its Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop.

Microsoft originally unveiled its Surface devices in four
different colours- cobalt blue, burgundy, graphite gold and
grey. The company hasn’t launched a black Surface device since
the Surface Pro 2 way back in 2013.

According to a new unconfirmed report from a German site,
Microsoft is planning to introduce the Surface devices in black
(dark) color variant. It’s an unconfirmed report and there’s no
strong evidence supporting the claim so you’re recommended
to take this news with a grain of salt.

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